Nappies - Go Getter (Crawler: 6 - 11kg)
Nappies - Go Getter (Crawler: 6 - 11kg)
Nappies - Go Getter (Crawler: 6 - 11kg)

Nappies - Go Getter (Crawler: 6 - 11kg)

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Names are important, and we wanted our nappy names to reflect who your baby is, not just what size they might be!

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Inks without lead or any heavy metals
  • Fragrance-free
  • For boys & girls
  • Innovative slimline technology
  • Up to 12 hours protection
  • Super absorbent core

Nappy Components
Our nappies are made from chlorine-free wood pulp fluff, breathable back sheet, sodium polyacrylate (SAP), aloe vera & vitamin-e enriched top sheet, super strong velcro and spandex elastic waist and cuffs.

Sustainable Sourcing:
We source our wood pulp from long-term sustainably managed forests. The pulp is produced in operations that minimise the impact on air, water and land.

Less wood pulp = a slimmer nappy with less packaging material, less waste and a smaller environmental footprint!

And the very best part is that every single box helps get child and maternal health programs for families in need.